Edible Ink & Accessories Market, 2018-2028 by Segmentation Based on Product, Application and Region

Edible Ink & Accessories Market Outlook

Increasing small-scale business and home-based bakery services across the developed and developing regions is expected to drive the edible ink and accessories market over the forecast period. The edible ink and accessories market comprises of edible ink made out of food grade colors and accessories to deploy the ink over an edible paper. Edible ink and accessories have a major application in bakery and confectionery industry which is currently experiencing a steady year-on-year growth. The edible ink and accessories market is expected to be dominated by North America region over the forecast period owing to its early initiation and growing nature of the bakery and confectionery decorative market. Edible ink cartridge segment is expected to dominate the global edible ink and accessories market by type. An online retail segment to dominate the distribution channel for the edible ink and accessories market over the forecast period, globally.

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Reasons for Covering Edible Ink & Accessories Market Title:

Sustainable solution and environment-friendly approaches are now a major target of key food and beverage manufacturers across the globe. To address the problem manufacturers are incorporating edible packaging materials in their finished products to reduce carbon footprint which requires edible printing to remain attractive and identifiable in the shelve which is expected to drive the edible ink and accessories market over the forecast period. Increasing competition and demand for customizable bakery and confectionery products is fueling demand for the edible ink and accessories at both retail and food services. The global edible ink market is expected to produce an opportunity for the regional players to target global market owing to the niche nature of the market in most of the potential regions.

Global Edible Ink & Accessories Market: Key Players:

Some of the key players operating in the global Edible Ink & Accessories market are Ink 4 Cakes, Icing Images, Kopykake Enterprises, The Cake Decorating Co., Anycake Ltd., Island Inkjet & Laser Toners, Edible Image Holdings Pty Ltd, Bake & Deco Warehouse, and printed bibles.

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