Effervescent packaging is mainly used for the packaging of effervescent products which need to be protected from getting in contact with moisture. The primary packaging types for effervescent products include blisters, bottles, tubes, sachets, and stick packs. Effervescent Packaging has application in diverse market segments including pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements & nutraceuticals, household, cosmetics & personal care.

Globally, the revenue generated from sales of effervescent packaging in global market has been estimated to be over US$ 333.6 Mn in 2017, and is projected to increase at a CAGR of 7.9% during forecast period 2017-2027.

The effervescent technology has emerged as a crucial element of growth for the products whose API is not stable in the liquid form. Moreover, it also helps in integrating a large number of active ingredients in one single dose effervescent product. This further boosts the demand for the effervescent packaging market.

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The global effervescent packaging market has exhibited market dynamics particularly driven by the consumer interest in preventive health, and the increasing popularity of the fast dissolving drug delivery systems.