France and Britain, on Monday, released information on finding out that some of the batches of eggs being sold commercially in their regional markets were tainted by insecticides. Millions of chickens are expected to be exterminated in the Netherlands following a massive contamination scandal in Europe, and some of the eggs may have entered Britain and France.

Eggs Taken off Shelves in European Nations

Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany have all begun to take eggs off shelves in markets. Millions of eggs have been trashed after the European Commission was given its initial notice on the 20th of July by Belgium. Switzerland and Sweden retailers have also followed through on this. Belgium has agreed to show complete transparency regarding the scandal after initially keeping it a secret. There was reportedly a large scale use of the insecticide fipronil, a chemical that has been linked to serious health issues in humans.

E.U. Sends out Alerts to Nations

The European Commission recently began sending out alerts through the E.U. rapid alert systems to notify that the eggs that could reasonably be linked to the contamination have found their way into markets in Britain and France through the Germany distribution routes. According to Anna-Kaisa Itkonen, a spokesperson for the European Commission, the French, the Swiss, the Swedes, and the British to make sure the eggs in their markets remain trackable and traceable.