Electric Traction Systems Market will reach US$426.54 bn by 2025, at a CAGR of 2.5% from 2017 to 2025

Global Electric Traction Systems Market: Snapshot

The global demand for electric traction systems has witnessed a steady rise in the past few years. Factors such as modernization of passenger railcars and growing urbanization, coupled with increase in electric locomotives, have primarily been the key driving forces for the market in the past few years. Furthermore, rise in induction of air-conditioned coaches has greatly increased the demand for electric traction systems, to complement the increased uptake of power. Significant transformation in railway connectivity, metro connectivity, and other rail-based transports are expected to further propel the market for electric traction systems in the near future.

Transparency Market Research estimates that the Electric Traction Systems Market, which was valued in terms of revenue US$342.94 bn in 2016, will reach US$426.54 bn by 2025, at a CAGR of 2.5% from 2017 to 2025.

Electric Traction Motors’ Segment to Register Moderate Growth but Retain Dominant

On the basis of type, the market for electric traction systems has been segmented in the report into electric traction transformer, electric traction motor, electric traction generator, electric traction inverter, electric traction converters, and others.

Of these, the segment of electric traction motor accounted for a massive 63% of the global electric transformer market in 2016. Being one of the most important components of electric traction systems, traction motors find extensive demand across numerous applications. Traction motors act as the primary driving force for all railway vehicles, hence the massive share in the global market. However, the segment is expected to exhibit moderate growth over the forecast period, witnessing a slight decline in its present share in the global market by end of the forecast period.

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However, the others segment, which covers the components of electric traction systems that are necessary for the proper functioning of all other traction system components and are required for installation, is expected to lead in terms of growth rate over the report’s forecast period. The growth in all the product segments have been promoting the growth of others segment. The segment is expected to exhibit a 3.5% CAGR over the forecast period, witnessing a substantial rise in its present share by the end of the forecast period.

Asia Pacific to Present Vast Growth Opportunities Backed by Infrastructure Development Activities

In terms of geography, the market for electric traction systems in Asia Pacific dominated the global market in 2016, accounting more over 35.0% of the global market. China and India held the dominant share in the Asia Pacific electric traction systems market in the said year, followed by Australia and Japan. Improvements in the transpiration infrastructure in the region, which includes metro rail systems, high speed bullet trains, hybrid electric vehicles, and railway connections, have remained key to the strong growth observed for electric traction systems in Asia Pacific. Over the next few years, the rising demand for rolling stock for narrow gauge and industrial railways, including diesel-electric, hybrid, and electric locomotives, will continue to contribute to the positive development of the electric traction systems in this region.

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Europe held the second leading position in the global electric traction systems market in terms of revenue contribution in 2016. Russia and Commonwealth of Independent State (CIS) countries are leading the market for electric traction systems, followed by Germany. The market in the region is primarily driven by the gradual shift from diesel-based to diesel-electric locomotives and electric locomotives. Government initiatives toward improving the transportation system, especially railways fuel the growing demand for electric traction systems across Europe, apart from stringent regulations related to the emission of harmful gases from trains or any sort of vehicles.

Some of the leading players in the market are ABB, Ltd. (Switzerland), Alstom S.A.,  The KON?AR Group, Siemens AG, Delphi Automotive LLP, Voith GmbH , Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Schneider Electric SE, The Curtiss-Wright Corporation, Prodrive Technologies, Toshiba Corporation, General Electric, Co., CG Power and Industrial Solutions Ltd., Bombardier Inc., American Traction Systems, VEM Group, Caterpillar Inc., TTM Rail – Transtech Melbourne Pty Ltd., Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd., Traktionssysteme Austria GmbH, Hyundai Rotem Company , Hitachi, Ltd., and Ansaldo Signalling.

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