Increased cigarette smoking leads to several chronic lung hazards such as lung cancer, asthma, and cancer. The cancerous cells subsequently propagate the disease to other organs of the human body system. Health agencies across the globe are doing their bit in spreading awareness about the ill-effects of nicotine consumption. Each tobacco puff contains a mixture of carcinogenic compounds. Repetitive consumption of such carcinogens makes the human tissues susceptible to cancer by inducing malignant cell growth. People have been consuming tobacco through various means, with smoking being the most widespread.

Rising Benefits of Tobacco Cessation Therapy and Heath Awareness Likely to Boost Growth of Nicotine Based Products

Cigarette smoking is the root cause behind major chronic disorders such as lung cancer, respiratory disorders, and cardiac diseases. The outcome of various serial clinical trials conducted by clinical research organizations regarding activity estimation of nicotinic partial agonist receptors (such as Varenicline and Cytistine) plant-sourced alkaloids have introduced newly investigational products in the market.

The governments in almost all countries are amending strict laws regarding manufacture, sale, purchase, and distribution of tobacco products under narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances (NDPS) Act. Moreover, in MEA region, the GCC Standardization Organization (GSO) has implemented stringent policies over packaging, branding and promotional material. The mandates include the image based health warning covering half of the package from both sides and printed warning in the native language at a front and in English at back. The tobacco control & awareness programs held at tandem by the Ministry of Health and Secretary of the Anti-Tobacco National Committee, in collaboration with Ministry of Education and regulatory officials, warns the people about dangers of smoking. Due to this effect, the government has banned the sale of tobacco to any underage customer. It is expected to raise demand for tobacco alternatives such as tobacco-based gums. The nicotine based products segment is likely to show overall growth during the forecast period.

China at the Forefront of Implementing Stringent Laws on Smoking

According to a draft bill issued by China, smoking is overall prohibited in all indoor public places in the country. The list also consumes transport as well as work stations. The outdoor restrictions are limited over a direct contact with or in schools, historical sites, children hospitals, day care centers and stadiums. Such strict government action is hindering the rate of smoking in China, as people are shift towards nicotine-based products. Such consequences are positively influencing on alternative product type segment.

In global smoking cessation and nicotine de-addiction product market the nicotine based products to be the most lucrative segment. Nicotine-based product type segment has recorded the attractive index of 1.4. However, with the recorded attractive index of 1.0, the segment comprises of non- nicotine based products to be the least attractive product-type segment.

Rising export to expand the market’s scope is another driving factor concerning the growth of European companies. Moreover, the US-based manufactures are creating a sale of OTC products using online medium. APAC region is experiencing remarkable growth due to collaborative expansion plans with developing countries. However, China, because of advanced technological base, has become a leading manufacturing hub of e-cigarettes.

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