Enterprises Must Adopt IoT to Survive, Suggests Forrester


PTC, Siemens,, and Microsoft are now leading the industrial IoT (IIoT) market. These companies are providing analytic services to optimize the connectivity that the big enterprises can use for getting actionable insights. This information is as per the latest market research report by Forrester.

Forrester has deeply evaluated the companies providing industrial IoT software platform. There are 24 specific criteria for the evaluation. After a thorough evaluation, Forrester has come up with the name of these four companies. These leading players in the market provide pre-packaged services that help in supporting comprehensive integration capacities. They also offer solutions that give more value to enterprises. According to the research report, Amazon Web Services, Oracle, Hitachi, SAP, GE Digital, Software AG, and IBM are strong performers. Whereas, ABB, Bosch, and Samsung make the list of contenders.

The report notes that while the physical products does endure, the organization that manufactured them must evolve. Furthermore, it notes that they must invest in digital transformation and integrate it deeply in all of their operations. IoT is now becoming highly imperative to the industrial industries. The objective here is to bridge the gap between virtual and physical activities.

Think Carefully Before Choosing IoT Service Provider

Forrester suggests enterprises must think very seriously while choosing IoT service providers. Moreover, it also encourages companies to find out service providers that offer high-end deployment models. These high-end models include analytics with meaningful insights, high-end business integration levers, and edge to cloud integration among others.

Several businesses are lacking the tools as well as the expertise to properly evaluate industrial IoT data and turn into meaningful insights. There are several diverse arrays of data at the edge or in the cloud servers. These data sets need filtering and high-end analytics for effective assessment and monitoring.

Forrester suggests, Microsoft’s Azure is the best industrial IoT service provider that is currently available in the market.

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