A combination of Swisscom and Ericsson has developed gigabit connectivity with radio dot system that can provide exceptional internet speeds. For now, Swisscom users will be able to experience it in the operator’s retail stores across Switzerland before the technology is spread to rest of the country.

This marks a major step towards providing enhanced quality of coverage and capacity even at locations where connectivity is generally low, such as elevators, skyscrapers, and garages. This exceptional speeds have been made possible by recently developed Radio Dot System by Ericsson, which is a carrier that functions over 3 LTE frequency bands, 256QAM and 4×4 MIMO, transferring a download capacity of about 1.2 Gbps. Radio Dot System aims to redefine the concept of indoor small cells while making it highly cost effective, addressing the changing consumer demand for video content that requires higher speeds.

More than 120 operators across 70 different countries have already installed Ericsson’s Radio Dot System, primarily at venues such as hotels, airports, shopping malls, hospitals, and other office buildings.

Customers of Swisscom will be able to gain full access to the latest mobile network technology on their tablets, smartphones, and SIM cards. The company aspires to introduce the technology in its 15 retail stores across Switzerland, with cities such as Zurich, Freiburg, and Bern already offering it.

Practical Presentation at Swisscom Retail Shops before Larger Expansion

As per Swisscom’s Head of Products and Market, Dirk Wierzbitzki, Gigabit LTE at their shop will act as a practical representation of the technology for their key customers and new potential subscribers will be lured, as the company is the first in the country to provide 5G speeds and has set a new mark for others to follow.