Firefox Mozilla will intertwine virtual reality and augmented reality and give users a break from the existing experience by providing and absolutely new browsing experience which will be interactive and feel alive. Last week Firefox web browser announced that it is building a browser for stand-alone virtual and augmented reality headsets. This new web browser will be called Firefox reality and it will be the first ever cross platform browser for a virtual and augmented mixed reality as all other solutions for browsing and accessing web are based on stand-alone headsets and our specific to a particular platform. However Firefox reality will be different. It will be independent. It will work on a variety of platforms as well as run on different devices.

Mozilla Firefox theme is currently looking on aspects of the browser such as how a user will flip web pages comprising 2D and 3D contains, how will they type or communicate with the browser and is also looking at other aspects such as voice recognition. The efforts taken by Mozilla Firefox is the newest in the tech industry with regards to selling a futuristic trend. When others have given up on the idea on account of factors such as high cost, bulky headsets, and the lack of compelling content, Mozilla has decided to stand its ground, move ahead and be the first to develop a web browser which will mix augmented and virtual reality.