Fanuc’s New Artificial Intelligence based Tool to Ease the Robot Training Process

Fanuc’s New Artificial Intelligence based Tool to Ease the Robot Training Process

The introduction of automation in manufacturing has significantly enhanced the cost-to-production ratio. It is the introduction of robotics and artificial intelligence that has contributed to the proliferation of automation in manufacturing operations. A renowned robotics company, Fanuc, is leveraging the artificial intelligence technology to ease the process of training robots. They recently announced an AI-based tool that substantially minimizes the time involved in training robots. They used sensor technology and annotations to guide robots in picking the right objects from a bin.

AI-based Tool to Train Robots with Minimal Human Intervention

Dr. Kiyonori Inaba, the head of Fanuc’s Robot Business Division said that it was cumbersome to train robots for bin-picking tasks. Further, he said that it required teaching several rules to the robots, which was achieved through several trials and errors. This resulted in a prolonged training process, thus delaying future operations.

On the other hand, the new AI-based tool offers a highly refined training process with minimal need for human operator. The operator just needs to look at a photo of the parts in the bin. Further, s/he is required to direct the robot to pick the right parts with the help of a few examples. This technique can use numerous robots at once.

The new technology is still in its nascent stage and researchers are looking forward to using it in assembly. This intuitive teaching method that integrates AI technology has proven to be superior to conventional methods. This has facilitated higher penetration of robotics in numerous industries such as manufacturing and pharmaceuticals. They are used for tedious tasks such as sorting bulk orders using a robotic arm.

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