FedEx to Soon Launch Robots for its Package Deliveries

FedEx to Soon Launch Robots for its Package Deliveries

FedEx plans to start testing its robot to deliver packages to its customers, with partners from Walmart to Pizza Hut.Various retailers, shippers, and restaurateurs are trying out these bots, self-driving vehicles, and drones to include automation technology. As a result, it might reduce delivery cost of groceries, devices, and a cup of ‘last mile’ coffee to customers’ doorstep.

FedEx plans to collaborate with DEKA research and development. Dean Kamen, founder of DEKA also invented an iBot stair-climbing wheelchair and Segway standing scooter, under his wings. FedEx stated the possibility of robots involvement in its SameDay service. This service is operating in around 1,900 cities across the globe.

Approval of Robots Important in Test Cities


These robots run on batteries and resemble coolers with wheels. Moreover, software and cameras enable them in finding and dodging the obstacles when they move on sidewalks at the speed of 10 miles per hours (16 kilometers). This is its maximum speed.

The approval of projects is mandatory in test cities and Memphis hometown. As a result, the first deliveries are planned only between FedEx offices.

Over 60% merchant buyers on an average reside around 3 miles of a FedEx store. Further, the company is collaborating with its allies Target and AutoZone to check the viability for affordable and cheap deliveries.

Various firms and investors are investing huge amount in this project to overcome delivery obstacles, regulatory hurdles, and reduce price. For security concerns, several states are looking for autonomous vehicles and keep humans as emergency backup.

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