Fermented Cereals Market Dynamics, Segments and Supply Demand 2018-2028

Humans have been aware of the fermentative activities of microorganisms since the beginning of human civilization. With the utilization of microorganism, humans have been producing many fermented food and beverages. Likewise, fermented cereals have also been used to make many traditional food items for a very long time across the globe. Fermented cereals are fermented with the help of lactic acid bacteria. Preparation of various traditional food by fermented cereals remains as a house art. Fermented cereals are used to produce batter in homes as well as food industries. Fermented cereals are accounted to be one of the most important sources of carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals for people all over the world. The consumption of fermented cereal has increased among health-conscious people as fermentation process the level of non-digestible poly and oligosaccharides along with carbohydrates. The demand for fermented cereals is expected to rise owing to the increased level of lysine, fibre, and dietary proteins.

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Fermented foods contribute to about one-third of the diet worldwide. So, fermented cereals also become an important part of human food. Owing to the health benefits of fermented cereals such as optimization of the immune and digestive system, improvement of mood and detoxification of body is expected to drive the growth of the fermented cereal market over the forecast period. Fermented cereals are witnessing increasing adoption across various end-use industry sectors such as baking, functional foods etc. This is attributed to increasing consumer awareness due to rising inclination towards products that offer health benefits. Moreover, the heat required to cook fermented cereals is comparatively less, which help the working women population to prepare food for their family at a very less time.

Some of the key players operating in the global fermented cereals market are: iD Fresh Food, Yamato Soysauce & Miso Co., Ltd., PepsiCo, Inc., Puratos, IREKS GmbH, Ernst Böcker GmbH & Co. KG, Philibert Savours, Gits Food Products Pvt.Ltd, Lesaffre, Kampffmeyer Food Innovation GmbH, Dr. Otto Suwelack Nachf. GmbH & Co., Lesaffre, Philibert Savours, The Kornspitz Company GmbH, Maverix Platforms Pvt Ltd, Lallemand Inc., Aadhya Foods and MTR Foods Pvt Ltd.

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