Gable Boxes Market to Witness Steady Growth During the Forecast Period 2017-2025

Gable boxes are versatile packaging containers which give the benefits of both a box and a bag in one attractive package. Gable boxes are made from recycled and recyclable cardboard. The unique carry handle and gable top closure sets the gable boxes apart from other packaging solutions. Gable boxes are also called as Dunkin Donut boxes which consist of a rectangular base and folds into four trapeziums at the top. There is also a small handle on the top that is to carry the gable box. The top of gable boxes is inspired from the idea of building roofs in the form of triangular arches that intersect each other. Gable boxes are widely used to pack donuts and other confectionery products.

The gable boxes are in high consumer demand due to its easy to assemble and carry feature. Gable boxes are light weight and have high availability around the world. Gable boxes are widespread among manufacturers due to their distinct and attractive shape. The demand for gable boxes is not limited to few industries as they are favored and liked in almost all industries which helps the growth of gable boxes market.

The manufacturing process of gable boxes includes four stages. The first stage is die cutting in which the gable box can be modified with special die cuts to differentiate the products. With the help of die cutting process manufacturers can create a window like design elements to enhance the appearance of the gable box. In the second stage, gable boxes undergone the gluing process which provide endurance to the boxes. Scoring and perforation are the final stages of gable boxes manufacturing, in which the gable box is assemblies with appropriate measurements.

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  • Some of the key players operating in the gable boxes market include Smurfit Kappa Group PLC, GoGoPak, Inc., Box and Wrap, Llc., Duke Packaging, Paper Bird Packaging, BOXit Corporation, ADD Printing & Packaging, ZoxxBox, and Custom Packaging Pro.
  • Some of the major Chinese key players operating in gable boxes market are Shenzhen Joybean Industrial Co., Ltd., Yiwu Bochang Packaging Co., Ltd., Qingdao Yilucai Packaging Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Huaisheng Packaging Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Mengsheng Paper Package Products Co., Ltd., and Dongguan AM Packaging Company Limited.
  • Some of the key suppliers operating in gable boxes market are Creative Bag Co. Ltd., U.S. Box Corporation, BOX2PAC, Stewart’s Packaging, Inc., and Nashville Wraps.
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