Ganache Market Globally Expected to Drive Growth through 2028

The retail consumption of chocolate confectionery worldwide has been on the rise over the past few years which attributed to its appealing and taste. As a result, the retail chocolate confectionery is estimated to be valued at 7,696,000 MT in 2017 in terms of volume sales. Chocolate cakes and pastries are in high demand in most of the major parts of the world. Ganache is typically icing, sauce or filling for pastries derived out of chocolate and cream. Ganache is being processed out of vegetable cream, chocolate, whipped cream and coconut milk. Ganache has been used on large scale as toppings in the preparation of several bakery products.

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Global consumer trends for convenience, health, and indulgence are the factors driving the growth of the mature bakery industry. On the other side, rising disposable income, rise in desire for westernization are some of the factors supporting the growth in sales of bakery goods and pastries in Asia Pacific region. Moreover, China is all set to become the largest bakery goods market after UK over the forecast period with the pastries being the most popular segment. Over the forecast period, the global cakes and pastries are expected to grow at 4% in terms of value sales. Volume, texture, and mouthfeel are the key factors in the end consumer’s enjoyment of appealing cakes and pastries. And Ganache has those characteristics that can make the dessert look much more creamy and delicious.

Though US accounts to higher value share in the bakery industry, China is expected to witness faster growth rate over the forecast period in terms of value sales i.e. 12.2%. This provides clear overview for scope in growth for global ganache market in Asia Pacific region.

Some of the key players operating in the global Ganache market are Ganache Gourmet Inc., Sparrow Enterprises, Ltd., Azim Pastacilik Mamülleri Ltd., Ganache Chocolatier, Gânache Chocolate, Stover Company, PURATOS Group among others.

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