Gentel Corporation, the renowned player for electro-optical products has made another leap to complement the automotive industry. The company plans to demonstrate the logistics of its newly developed connected-car model at CES 2018. Gentel has previously registered a high success rate in supplying connected-car technologies that aid safer driving. Continuing its streak of innovation from the previous year when it launched nascent prototype technologies, the company aims to dispel a functional version of vehicle-integrated technologies such as digital rear vision systems and biometrics. The company revealed that a number of other technologies are also in the pipeline and shall launch soon.

Understanding Newly Developed Connected-Car Technologies

The most appealing feature introduced by the company is ‘Car-to-Home automation’, which encompassing an app that allows users to pair their home automation devices with the central console of the car. Further, to enhance the security setup of the automation industry, the company has introduced biometric systems that function on iris scans. A mere glance by the user would ordain the car to commence operations, and automatically adjust other controls such as music system and GPS. A camera monitoring system which gives a purview of the rear, front, and sides of the car is also a distinguished feature of the new set of introductions. This feature is further integrated with full display mirrors that optimize the rear vision of the driver.

The new set of technologies introduced by Gentel Corp. could revolutionize the automation industry. It is not only expected to ease the driving experience but could also open doors for other companies to make ardent advances. However, it is only after the first system gets installed that the success rate of the technology can be gauged.