N26 announced the offering of new services, which provides a self-employed person or freelancer with a dedicated business account within a few minutes. These accounts are quite similar to the normal consumer accounts; however, the account holder can get a 0.1% cashback on all the purchases made using the card.

N26, or also known by as Number 26, is a direct bank in Germany. N26 offers a free basic Debit MasterCard and checking account to its customers. In addition, these customers can request for investment products, overdraft, and premium checking accounts.

Attractive Offers by N26 to Attract New Customers

These business accounts offered by N26 are easily available in all European countries. As of now, an account for a full-fledged company cannot be opened; however, several new business features are expected to be introduced in the next few years. With these attractive features, N26 is anticipated to gain immense popularity and witness a significant rise in the number of account holders in the near future.

An account holder can control the card in real time using the app that has been provided. With this card, the account holder can make a payment across the globe using their N26 card, without any kind of foreign transaction fee or exchange rate. In addition, the person can get notifications for all the transactions on their registered number to ensure security.

Customization of Products to Generate Opportunities for N26

As on date, N26 has around 300,000 customers and are making remarkable efforts reconstruct a retail bank for its customers across Europe. The customization of products for self-employed persons and freelancers is estimated to offer several growth opportunities for N26 in the next few years. However, the emergence of competitors, including Ibanfirst and Qonto are predicted to enhance the competitive scenario in the near future.