In case of medical emergencies, ambulance services are most important mode of transportation. As a result of the advent of effective air ambulance services, on-time medical attention has become more accessible to accident victims and patients with chronic diseases. Air ambulances are equipped with advanced medical tools and accessories. They also have a skilled crew, trained in providing primary emergency medical care required to the patients.

Key driver of the global Air Ambulance Services Market is that there has been greater technological improvements in on board medical treatments and growing number of facility providers, which has gained traction from key market players. The need to increase the use of air ambulance resources to give improved emergency care and generate more profitable results is expected to fuel the growth of the market. On the contrary, high charges, operational restrictions, and occurrences of accidents of air ambulances are likely to cause restrain to the market. Furthermore, excessive startup capital investment needs are limiting the admission of new participants in the global air ambulance services market.

The global Air Ambulance Services Market is segmented based on three criteria: Transport vehicle type, service type, and regional type. The market, according to service type has been further classified into community services, hospital services, and other services. Transport vehicles include sea-planes, helicopters, aircraft, and airplane of which helicopters are the most feasible as they cover distances in much lesser time, and also require less landing ground as compared to other aerial vehicles. Further, the segment of aircrafts has been divided into two types: Fixed wing aircraft, and rotary wing aircraft.

Growth of the global Air Ambulance Services Market is driven by improving financial conditions of consumers across emerging nations, improved access to effective emergency treatments, proper payment rules, and increasing number of international hospitals with appropriate air ambulance services, planned cooperative initiatives from key market players, and improvement in medical infrastructures in rural regions.

Five regions have been covered under the regional segmentation of the global air ambulance services market. Among these regions Asia Pacific is showcasing growth at the fastest pace because of increasing acceptance of progressive health care infrastructure to offer safer health care experience, and increasing number of hospitals with multiple specialties. It is projected that North America will be dominating the global air ambulance services market, owing to better coverage of insurance for air ambulance facilities, and growing implementation of air ambulance services. In developing countries, there are insufficient aircrafts for emergency transport services, which is a key challenge in growth of the global air ambulance services market.

Some of the leading players contributing to growth in the global air ambulance services market are Lifeguard Air Ambulance, Falck Danmark A/S, Envision Healthcare Companies, Rural/Metro Corporation, Acadian, Air Methods, AMR Air Ambulance, Express Aviation Services, and AirMed International.

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