Global Matrix Metalloproteinase 9 Market to Benefit from Rise in Research Activities Associated with Cancer Biomarkers

Owing to it being one of the most commonly and extensively researched and examined matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs), matrix metalloproteinase-9 (MMP-9) has become a prominent protease which plays a key role in a number of research studies associated with many biological processes in humans. MMP-9 is known to cleave several extracellular proteins for the regulation of ECM remodeling. The protease can also cleave a number of plasma surface proteins, leading to their release from the surface of the cell. MMP-9 has found to be linked to cancer pathology, including cancer markers such as metastasis, invasion, and angiogenesis.

Some recent studies have analyzed the value of MMP-9 in the human body as a biomarker to a number of specific cancers. Moreover, some studies associated with MMP-9 biosensors have been able to discover several novel varieties of MMP-9 biosensors for detecting the enzyme in a more efficient and reliable manner. Owing to these developments, research studies associated with the protease and its effective use in the diagnosis of a number of cancers and other conditions are likely to increase in numbers and expanse in the next few years. This is likely to help the global MMP-9 market expand at a promising pace in the near future.

Use in Pathology of Cancer and Other Diseases to Drive Market
It has been observed that several critical processes associated with carcinogenesis, such as invasion, migration, angiogenesis, and metastasis are closely linked to the extracellular environment in the body. As MMP-9 plays a critical role in processes such as membrane protein cleavage and ECM remodeling, it is known to be widely linked with cancer pathology. The protease is known to promote the development and progression of cancer in most cases and also suppress the progression of cancer in some specific cases such as colitis-associated colon cancer. Moreover, MMP-9 is also linked to the pathology of a number of other diseases, including cardiovascular conditions and autoimmune diseases. Increased focus on the development of effective diagnosis of cancer and other conditions is likely to drive the global MMP-9 market in the near future.

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Rising Focus on Cancer Biomarker Research to Drive Market
The field of cancer biomarker research has significantly expanded in the past few years owing to the vast rise in research activities undertaken by healthcare organizations, universities, and dedicated research groups from across the globe in the past few years. Funding from government and public and private bodies are encouraging such activities as the prevalence of cancer has been rising at an alarming pace globally over the past few years, vastly increasing the financial burden of the condition on already stressed economies.

Effective cancer biomarkers can play a highly important role in areas such as cancer prognosis and diagnosis, progression, predictions regarding recurrence, cancer screening, and predictions regarding efficacy of treatment. As MMP-9 is a critical target for numerous cancers and some other conditions related to MMP-9, the field of MMP-9 inhibitor development has also gained increased importance in the past few years and research activities have massively increased.

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