Global Steady and Assessment on Mailing Bags Market

Enhanced safety of the product during transit is the top notch priority of end users to ensure the product is being delivered in its intact form. Need of mailing bags arises for ecommerce packaging wherein the booming sales of ecommerce market has significantly driven the demand for packaging type that is not only dust and puncture resistant but also ensures a tampering free delivery of the product. Ecommerce accounts for the highest market share of almost 35% and is the fastest growing segment. The high growth of ecommerce is also expected to further propel the demand of mailing bags market.

Adding to this, the light weight and high strength of mailing bags makes them suitable for the packaging of almost all types of products of varying weight.

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It is also been observed at consumer packaged goods manufacturers, particularly in the U.S., are eyeing to invest in marketing with different ecommerce companies for a broader digital reach. It is further expected to stimulate the sales of mailing bags in the region. Additionally, the low cost coupled with the versatile nature of the mailing bags further propels their growth. Unique alphanumeric coding on mailing bags for the track and trace purpose is expected to bring in new market avenues of growth for the global market.

Tamper evident mailing bags market segment is expected to gain a significant market share as it secures the packaged product against tampering which further enables a safe and secure transit. Tamper evident mailing bags also ensure that the content of the bags are not accessed before its intended use which is further expected to propel the demand of the segment during the forecast period.

Among the key regions, APEJ mailing bags market is expected to register growth at a highest CAGR mainly attributed to growth of the logistics industry. For instance, the logistics industry in Asia-Pacific region generated approximately USD 3.5 Trillion in revenue in 2015.

The MEA mailing bags market is witnessing a robust growth of courier & logistics services. The region has geographical proximity with trade giants in Europe & Asia-Pacific. Hence, with continuous growing trade relations between these regions, courier & logistics service providers in this region have seen sharp upsurge during the last two decades.

For instance, according to an independent study estimate, the logistics industry in MENA region generated approximately USD 75 Bn in revenue in 2015. This growth was supported with fast-growing non-oil economy, high demand from consumer segment and series of government investments.

Mailing Bags Market: Competition Landscape

Some of the key players operating in the global mailing bags market are SR Mailing Ltd., Polypak America Inc, WB Packaging Ltd., Ace Mailing Bags, STM Packaging Group, The Polythene Company Ltd, Bayard Packaging Ltd, Poly Postal Packaging, Shirlplass Ltd, PostSafe Ltd, SR Mailing Ltd., Kite Packaging Ltd., and Simpac.

Some of the trends incorporated by key players in the mailing bags market include production of new formats of mailing bags. Also, the manufacturers are switching to the paper format of mailing bags in order to reduce carbon footprint and promote the use of ecofriendly packaging.

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