Google Assistant now features John Legend’s voice

Google Assistant now features John Legend’s voice

Google Assistant adds another voice to its menu. John Legend’s voice is now available on Google Assistant though for a limited time. That too only in the U.S.

Activating John Legend’s voice is easy. To do so, user can ask questions to the Google Home speaker something like, “are you John Legend, or, what your favorite genre of music is.”

Nevertheless, responses will continue from the regular list of voices of googleassistant.

The voice is available on googleassistant app for Android and iOS phones. Users can change their voice assistant setting to select John Legend. The regular feature of asking questions remains intact.

Google Assistant brings Interesting Easter Eggs this year

Once John Legend’s voice activated, Google hints for a few surprises from the virtual assistant. Google suggests asking, “Hey Google, are we ordinary people?”, or, “Hey, Google, serenade me”

There are quite a few fun Easter Eggs that Google Assistant has to offer, said a spokesperson for Google.

John Legend’s voice is available as a cameo irrespective of Google Assistant device. Be it Google Home Speakers, Smart Displays, mobile app for Android and iOS.

Whether territories like Australia and the UK will have their own celebrity cameo for google assistant is not commented.

But what is certain is John Legend cameo is available only in English, that too only for users in the US. The availability of the feature in terms of time not yet confirmed. But if users want to try it out, they should absolutely.

The news of John Legend’s voice may sound familiar. Accidentally, prior to going live, John Legend’s voice featured on google assistant in late March. A bug on the virtual assistant caused it.

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