Google proclaims AI can Combat Online Child Sexual Abuse

Google proclaims AI can Combat Online Child Sexual Abuse

It is said that, every coin has two sides, so does the internet. The number of internet crimes is increasing by the day. Using the internet to exploit children is one of the most disgusting abuses. Child sexual abuse is escalating to no limits whether it is blackmailing or performing sexual acts over the webcam.

According to a recent announcement earlier this week, the U.S. technology giant Google is employing a new artificial intelligence technology to battle the online crime of child sexual abuse. Based on intense neural networks, the new tool will be accessible to free to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and other industry partners. Google, in collaboration with some of its partners like WePROTECT Global Alliance, the Technology Coalition, and the Internet Watch Foundation, a Britain-based charity, along with other NGO organizations is to withstand online child sexual abuse.

Children who have been subjected to online abuse feel trapped and helpless. Hence, they are more at risk of being exploited repeatedly. These companies have taken the initiative to utilize AI for detecting different kinds of child sexual abuse material (CSAM) contents such as abusive comments, distributing abusive images, engaging in cyber-sex scenarios, and sexual bullying.

Google Collaborating With Other Companies to Utilize AI for Nipping Online Predators in the Bud

Google announces fresh commitments to fighting online CSAM by sharing the latest technological advancements wherein new images will be identified quickly. This means that sexually abused children are more likely to be recognized and defended from further abuse. Google also stated that this system can also help a reviewer track down to more than 700 percent more CSAM content at the same time and take immediate actions.

Following the footsteps of Google, various technological companies are willing to leverage AI for detecting various types of CASM content such as abusive content and nudity to fight back internet crime against children and online sexual exploitation. It is better late than never to nip in the bud of those who think hiding behind a computer screen makes them immune from getting caught in perpetrating immoral and unethical crimes.

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