Google to Rollout Emergency Location Service feature in the US

Google to Rollout Emergency Location Service feature in the US

Google is expanding its feature of advanced location tracking feature in the US, which is known as Emergency Location Service (ELS). It was first launched in the 2016 and now available in 14 countries. This feature improves the accuracy of tracking location for both inside and outside users by using the combination of GPS and networks such as Wi-Fi, mobile networks, and sensors.

Google has expanded Android’s ELS to more people in the US, which make easier for the emergency service providers such as 911 to locate people facing these incidents. These services are currently available on the T-Mobile network which can trace the location and respond to the help center. Wireless providers like T-Mobile have existing ways to share locations with emergency centers. But, the launch of ELS can make this process faster.

Google is rolling out ELS in the US, including the Virgin Island, in partnership with emergency technology company RapidSOS and other wireless services providers T-Mobile and West, said the Jen Chai, the product manager, Android, Google.

Wireless providers such as T-Mobile have existing methods to share the emergency locations with the emergency service providers. Since the launch of ELS globally, the most observed impact of the feature is substantial which shortens the response time. Additionally, users don’t need to install the separate app to make respond faster or update the OS. Google’s rollout will offer the benefits with the existing hardware and software, Chia said. The location tracking service is compatible with the Android version more than 4.0 and above.

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