Google Taking Footsteps to Ban on Apps That Mine-cryptocurrency

Google Taking Footsteps to Ban on Apps That Mine-cryptocurrency

After Apple, Google is taking steps to ban apps which mines cryptocurrency the tech giant has updated their policies of Play Store which is imposing a ban on the cryptocurrency-mining apps.

The company said in a statement that they are banning those apps which are mining cryptocurrencies on devices. The company is allowing those apps which remotely mining the cryptocurrency. Though there are some apps on Play Store that offers crypto-mining, however, it is not clear that the ban is applicable on new mining apps.

The company also said that along with these apps, sexualizes minor apps which appeal to be children’s apps but have adult content will be banned. The apps contain images on child sexual abuse which can be directly reported to officials and accounts of the developers will be deleted by Google. Furthermore, the apps which encourage the hate speech, violence, self-harm or suicide, and discrimination will be banned. Also, a list of these apps will be banned soon.

The apps which promote the materials like sex toys, poses, escort service or paid sex services, and selling illegal drugs will be banned. Additionally, the apps which get benefitted from natural disasters, deaths, and tragedies will not appear on the Google Play Store. Other illegal activities will be banned from Google Play Store along with the apps which collect the user data without their consent.
Earlier, Apple updated the review guidelines for the app store and the tech giant banned the apps which mine cryptocurrency on the devices on the Apple.

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