Google’s Initiatives to Fight Spam

Google’s Initiatives to Fight Spam

Google is asked users to come forward and help the company in squashing spam and has already taken action on around 90,000 of user reports of spam since 2016. Google has made use of the automated artificial intelligence based systems which work two words blocking Spanish as well as detecting spams and taking an action suitable. However Google is still willing and interested in finding out from the user’s themselves if they have ever seen anything fishy and would want to inform the company about it. Google is requesting users to report any form of spam, malware, and any other issues since it will help the company to protect others as well film such abuse.

As a user, you can file a Spam report or malware report and alert the company by clicking on the send feedback link which is present at the bottom of the search results page. In 2017, Google alerted users and sent over 45 million notifications so that it could inform the owners of their websites what are the factors which are impacting their company’s website negatively when it is appearing in search results. The process is similar to Gmail’s fight. The way Gmail directly filters messages which it identifies as spam and keeps it in the spam folder, and fights with the system to keep your inbox clean, Google’s artificial intelligence systems are working towards keeping the search results clean. With artificial intelligence based systems, Google has been able to detect as well as remove over 80% of the compromised websites from their search results.

The company is working closely with many providers of content Management Systems so that they can fight spammers effectively who are attempting to abuse the photos as well as comments sections.

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