Growing IoT Adoption Demands Superior Network Infrastructure


Even though USG is not a common name in American households, its flagship product is in almost all American homes. Moreover, the manufacturer is famous for inventing drywall over a hundred years ago.

With the objective of continuing its legacy of innovation, USG is now positioning itself as one of the most high-tech product manufacturers. In recent years, the company has been shifting its focus on the Internet of Things. It is also investing in automated robots and installing them in its manufacturing plants.

The integration of network sensors with the manufacturing equipment offers real-time information on day-to-day plant operations. This allows the company to have proper quality control management. It also helps them to scale up their profits. Furthermore, it helps in improving efficiency and safety. However, to take full benefit of IoT, the company first put its focus on improving and upgrading the network infrastructure of their manufacturing plants.

USG aims to propel their manufacturing plants in the future with high-tech networking. The objective here is that they should be able to handle a load of several IoT equipment at once. This will make their plants more automated and more efficient. The ultimate goal of the company is reducing production costs and reach the markets faster. However, USG is not willing to compromise quality in this entire development.

Benefits of IoT

Companies operating in the retail, transportation, energy, and manufacturing are now slowly moving towards IoT. This is because IoT offers the ability to gather and analyze real-time information of the overall operation. Moreover, it also helps them understand the level at which the equipment is working and how to better utilize them. Furthermore, IoT helps in improving operational efficacy and is able to make smarter business decisions. All it needs is the right kind of network infrastructure.

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