Halloumi Cheese Market Driven by Changing Preference towards Mediterranean Diet

Halloumi cheese is prepared from pasteurized or unpasteurized milk of cow, sheep or goat or it can also be prepared from a mixture of goat’s and sheep’s milk. Halloumi cheese has salty, savory, and tangy flavor and Halloumi cheese has a texture similar to mozzarella cheese. In the global market, Halloumi cheese is mostly produced in Cyprus and has high demand among Middle East countries. In Cypriot economy, the export of Halloumi cheese makes a significant contribution and Halloumi cheese accounts for more than 15% of exports, U.K. being the number one importer of Halloumi cheese as one of the unique varieties of cheese. Halloumi cheese has high demand in the European market as Halloumi cheese is one of the popular semi-hard cheese that can be enjoyed in salads, barbeques, and as a Halloumi cheese fries, Halloumi cheese burgers, and others. In the global Halloumi cheese market, the demand for Halloumi cheese is primarily among the Middle East and European markets.

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Cheese fanatics are always experimenting with products with newer varieties of cheese. With an option and availability for hundreds of different types of cheese, there is a huge opportunity for manufacturers to offer Halloumi cheese in the supermarket or hypermarkets. The introduction of different types of cheese in the European and Middle East market, Halloumi cheese holds a key to immense market potential in these regions. With consumer awareness and willingness to buy Halloumi cheese products, the expansion of retail outlets is imperative, which may fuel the growth of the Halloumi cheese in the global market. Furthermore, the demand for Halloumi cheese also increasing due to immense change in the traditional eating patterns of consumers, which include snacking more than normal meals and changing preference towards Mediterranean diet. For instance, the U.K. and Sweden, the demand for Halloumi cheese are increasing at a robust growth rate owing to consumer preference towards Mediterranean diet and Halloumi cheese accounts one of the primary consumption. On the other side, in the Middle East Halloumi cheese market, the demand for Halloumi cheese is also increased owing to its nutritional benefits as it has a high level of protein content. In addition, the trend of trying and tasting, the desire of young consumers towards new foods and changing consumer preference towards new diet are some of the major factors influencing the demand for Halloumi cheese in the market.

Some of the major companies in the halloumi cheese market are PETROU BROS DAIRY PRODUCTS LTD., Akgöl Dairy, Food and Packing Industries Ltd., GALAKTOKOMIO A.D.S DAFNI LTD., Grillies, Routhier Weber GmbH, N.TH. Kouroushis LTD., WAIMATA CHEESE COMPANY, Lemnos Foods, FarmLand General Trading Co., W.L.L., Almarai, and others.

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