High intensity sweeteners are food additives which are mostly used as a sugar substitute and give sweet flavor of sugar with lower calories and used to enhance the flavor of food and beverage products. Demand of high intensity sweeteners is expected to prominent in food and beverage industry where it is marketed as sugar alternatives or sugar-free food products or as a diet sugar to meet the demand of health conscious consumers. Increase in demand of products such as soft drinks, jams, confectionery products, carbohydrate drinks, dairy products as a diet food leads to market growth of high intensity sweeteners.

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Key market drivers which influencing the demand of high intensity sweeteners in global level market is due to its usage as one of the substitute of sugar and gives the same level of sweetness when added to food and beverages. Manufacturers are driving the demand of high intensity sweeteners in market by offering the products as sugar-free or diet food and beverages including soft drinks, dairy products, confectionery, canned food, frozen food, carbonated drinks etc. On the other side, the demand of high intensity sweeteners also rising due to increasing number of patients suffering from diabetes, obesity and many other health diseases caused due to excessive consumption of sugar. High intensity sweeteners is one of the key alternative for sugar and suitable for health conscious consumers and patients suffering from diabetes and obesity, as it has low caloric value and helps to maintain blood sugar level in body.

On the basis of geographical segment, market of high intensity sweeteners is segmented on the basis of five different regions namely North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Middle East and Africa. Europe is largest market of high intensity sweeteners by volume and in terms of market, North American region is expected to lucrative market for high intensity sweeteners.

Key players in high intensity sweeteners are: Tate & Lyle Plc, HYET Sweet, Cargill, Incorporated, The NaturaSweet Company, The Company Hermes Sweeteners Ltd., A & Z Food Additives Co., Ltd., DuPont, PureCircle, Archer Daniels Midland Company and Ajinomoto.