High Power Rf Amplifier Module Market: Lucrative Opportunities Supported With Favorable Policies

Frequent technology updates in RF amplifier modules have encouraged manufacturers in further innovating and enhancing designs, which in turn is anticipated to intensify competitive landscape of the global high power RF amplifier module market. Lucrative opportunities supported with favorable policies have been prompting new companies to enter the market. Innovative strategies are being adopted by leading market players for differentiating their products and consolidating their market position.

Key players actively partaking in the global market for high power RF amplifier module include RF and Microwave Power Technology, LLC, Tomco Technologies, Electronics & Innovation, Ltd., Aethercomm Inc., Empower RF Systems, Inc., OPHIR RF, API Technologies Corp., Microsemi Corporation, NXP Semiconductors N.V., and Analog Devices, Inc.

The global high power RF amplifier module market is set to record a spectacular growth over the forecast period (2017-2026), as slated by a recently published report of Transparency Market Research (TMR). Worldwide sales of high power RF amplifier module are envisaged to surpass revenues worth US$ 2,500 Mn by 2026-end.

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Regulations to Limit Electromagnetic Interference Compelling Manufacturers to Acquire EMC Certification

Electronic device manufacturers are focusing on the provision of products equipped with wireless technologies, with an aim to impart advanced features to customers. Electromagnetic radiation emanated by these devices tend to be harmful for the environment and human health. Several countries have enacted regulations for limiting electromagnetic interference of wireless devices, which in turn has compelled manufacturers to acquire electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) certification prior to introduction of their products in the market. It has become imperative that wireless devices have EMC certification and comply with regulatory standards for ensuring public safety. As high power RF amplifier module provides higher gains during its operation across dynamic range of frequencies, it is well-suited for use in EMC testing equipment.

100% efficiency of electronic devices cannot be guaranteed, and optimizing performance and output remains a major concern for high power RF amplifier module manufacturers. High power amplifiers consumer large amount of energy and power, even when they are inactive, thereby leading to additional operational costs. Cost associated with high power and energy consumption of high power RF amplifier modules, complexity in their design, and large size are key factors undermining demand for these amplifiers.

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