Gasket is a compressible material or combination of materials used to provide a robust seal between two stationary parts and to compensate for the imperfection between the mating surfaces to be sealed.  High temperature gaskets are used where the application temperature exceeds 7500F. Material selection plays a crucial role in designing high temperature gaskets. Applications with intense heat, high temperatures, saturated steam or hot oil, and high pressures can lead to gasket failure if wrong material is used for the design of gasket.

The global high temperature gaskets market can be segmented based on product type, material type, design, end-use application, and region.  In terms of product type, the high temperature gasket market can be classified into metallic, semi-metallic, non-metallic, and liquid gaskets. Metallic high temperature gaskets are those fabricated from a single metal or combination of metallic materials in a variety of sizes and shapes. Semi-metallic high temperature gaskets are those consisting of both non-metallic and metallic materials. The metal generally provides resilience and strength to the gasket. Non-metallic high temperature gaskets, also known as soft high temperature gaskets, are made of composite materials with a wide range of corrosive chemical applications. They are available in sheet form and are cut accurately to any reasonable size and shape. Liquid gaskets are fluidic materials at room temperature, and when applied on a joint surface, they become dry and form elastic membrane. They tighten the joint surface and prevent fluid leaks. High temperature liquid gaskets have the advantages of eliminating waste, shortening design time, and stabilizing quality. Metallic gasket constitutes a major share of the high temperature gasket market due to its wide application in transportation and power generation sectors.

Based on material type, the high temperature gaskets market can be divided into graphite, fluorosilicone, fiber glass, ceramic, mica, silicon, stainless steel & alloys, thermiculite, and other inorganic chemicals and materials. Different applications have different materials to use. The commonly used material is silicon, however, it has a temperature limitation of 7800C. For very high temperature, graphite, mica, and ceramics are best suited. They can withstand a temperature range of 18000F. For liquid gaskets, the combination of inorganic chemicals and materials such as sodium silicate, cresol, and barium sulfate are generally employed for high temperature applications. The stainless steel & alloys segment accounts for a major share of the high temperature gaskets market due to its wide application in end-use industries and its low cost availability as compared to other materials.

Based on design, the high temperature gaskets market can be segregated into spiral wound, kammprofile, double-jacketed, and others. Kammprofile gaskets consist of a metal core with concentric indented groves on each side. Spiral wound gaskets are V-shape metal strips, spirally wound with soft filler material between each turn. Double-jacketed gaskets are manufactured from soft non-asbestos, and heat resistant material and are completely enclosed in a two-piece metal jacket. They are widely employed in boilers and heat- exchangers. The spiral wound design holds a major share of the high temperature gaskets market due to its high efficiency and wide application in the power generation, transportation, and primary metal industries. In terms of end-use application, the high temperature gaskets market can be classified into power generation, oil & gas, chemical processing, primary metals, transportation, and others. The transportation sector constitutes a dominant share of the high temperature gaskets, followed by the power generation sector.

Based on region, the high temperature gaskets market can be distributed among North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and Latin America. Asia Pacific accounts for a key share of the high temperature gaskets market. Rapid industrialization and development in the transportation sector are the primary factors fueling the high temperature gaskets market in the region.

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Key players operating in the global high temperature gasket market are Flexitallic Group, Excelsior, Inc. Gasket Resources Inc., Garlock, Darcoid Nor-Cal Seal, Teadit,  Lamons, Henkel Corporation,  Premier Seals Manufacturing,  Spetech, A.W. Chesterton Company, Hennig Gasket & Seals Inc., Advanced Sealing, Permatex, 3M, Copaltite, Jet –Lube, IGS Industries, Threebond, Kommerling UK Limited, and A.I. Schulze Chemotechnische Fabrik e.K.