According to a new research by Black Book Market Research, 96% of all the hospitals are concentrating on increasing their investments in comprehensive clinical communication platforms by the end of the 2018. The C-suite IT administrators and the leading clinicians are on the same page in this matter and they agree that the smart usage of mobile devices improves patient safety and enhanced results, that is, 90% and 94% of survey participants, respectively, and the new research report demonstrates that secure texting is rapidly becoming a machinery of choice for a number of hospitals and private clinics. Among the 1,279 self-employed physicians and 770 hospital professionals, which participated in the poll, most were looking for a mobile technology that could cater for the most for patients while maintaining the sound cybersecurity also.

In the Black Book Cybersecurity report 2018, Spok acquired the leading position in inpatient organizations and hospital systems for secure communications. Apart from this, TigerText, Qlik, Vocera, Cerner, Doc Halo, and Imprivata were rated among the top inpatient secure communications platforms. Among the physician enterprises for communications platforms, Doc Halo was ranked first. PerfectServe, Vocera, Patient Safe Solutions, Imprivata, OnPage, Spok, Telemediq, TigerText, and Voalte also received high ranks. Around 63% of the poll participants stated that they have had issues with buy-in of mobile and enterprise technology execution and this was the main challenge for the providers, who were looking to deploy the technology efficiently.