Chatbots have been attracting an undying hype around them as a powerful replacement for search windows and numerous apps in the not-so-distant future. Deemed as an easier and a faster technology, chatbots are the latest breakthrough in customer experience, which possess the ability to pick the right solution for a customer from a gamut of company data.

With chatbots gradually making their way into the corporate and very soon the banking technology sector, both employers and employees will be up for something novel and interesting. A decent number of corporates adopting this new technology are now able to significantly boost their human resource (HR) functions. For instance, an InMobi senior manager used the technology to receive a popup alert so that he could catch up with the newest recruited employee without delay. The mechanism proved brilliant also for the recruit on the part of gaining an immediate access to the manager.

Chatbot as HR’s Personal Assistant

A reliable number of HR professionals generally refer to a chatbot as a friendly yet professional technology that converses with them and helps them complete important tasks such as reminding to punch in the attendance for the day or booking an airline ticket for the vice president. Besides expediting their routine operations, a chatbot gives employees immediate access to HR teams. This computer program uses the Internet to simulate discussions with human users.

Other companies such as BankBazaar and Yes Bank are planning to introduce chatbots to their employees by the end of 2017. The intention behind this implementation is to ease out the process of resolving employee issues and provide access to quick information pertaining to leave policies, salary breakup, and employee benefits. Yes Bank seems to be largely impressed by this technology, so much so that it plans to transform it into a mobile-led app. There are even some end users that have aimed to resolve employee queries before the completion of 24 hours with the help of chatbots.

Benefits beyond Pampering Employees

Engazify, a chatbot developer, perceives the technology as an automated virtual assistant that offers extraordinary time efficiency and greater savings on the table. Businesses can easily automate critical tasks that are time consuming with the implementation of chatbots. Another developer, Hyphen, is trying to gain a foothold in the chatbot market with clients such as InMobi.

Chatbots are soon going to be the next big thing in the HR domain with exclusive benefits such as management of employees in real time and collating manager assessment scores.