Identillect Technologies Corp. has announced the release of the beta version of their superior mobile experience with the completely integrated Delivery Trust™ Plugin for Microsoft® Office 365™. The new tool provides a simple yet excellent level of connectivity for regulatory compliance and protection of mobile business. This experience is pivotal for professionals who are migrating their businesses to Microsoft® Office 365™.

The inability to incorporate plugins to the native mobile application of Office 365 created a dire need for a solution with better connectivity. Identillect has capitalized on this problem by developing a software that detects and determines the content that needs securing and then routes that content through Delivery Trust™, ensuring security and conformity along its path of travel. Todd Sexton, the CEO of Indentillect, said that securing mobile communication always comes with inherent challenges in terms of usability. The new Delivery Trust™ cloud-based mobile tool enables businesses and medical professionals to communicate securely without any additional steps to promote the protection of client data.

Soaring Need for Cyber Security to Augment Adoption of Delivery Trust™ Office 365™ Solutions: Officials

Enterprises worldwide are becoming increasingly aware of the merits of implementing cloud-based productivity and email services. It enhances connectivity, productivity, and cost-effectiveness; however, it boosts the risk of interception, which compromises the integrity of the digital information. The increasing cases of breaches across the world are stoking the demand for cyber security. According to officials of Identillect, this is where Office 365™ Delivery Trust™ email security solutions come into play.