India’s New Policy Want to Store Data Locally for Data Safety

India’s New Policy Want to Store Data Locally for Data Safety

A panel working with the cloud computing policy and department of Indian government wants data that is generated in India to be stored in India. A draft that has seen by Reuters, suggests that could deal with the global technology giants including Amazon and Microsoft. This might increase their cost as these companies will need some data storage centers in India. The cost of power is substantially high in the region, this may lead to a further increase in the cost.

The policy is one of the latest in a series of proposals that would build a data localization in India, as the step of the government finalizes data protection law. Local data storage required planning for online payments and e-commerce is ongoing. The authorities of on policy want the information that stored locally may get easily accessed when conducting investigations.

In July, India said its policies had begun searching a way to avoid misuse of data such as Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica. However, there are some factors related to initiating data storage in the country such as infrastructure challenges. Though, with this data storage center, the Indian market for clouds services is expected to be double than existed.

The draft of the report will soon be submitted and which is headed by the co-founder of Indian Tech Company Infosys the Kris Gopalakrishnan said forwards thinking for data protection was needed as Indian Law framework for the data protection for IT is not sufficient and have many loopholes.

Other industry executives said that numerous Indian businesses save their data on the cloud and located outside the country which might force them to migrate data to India.

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