Influx of Innovative Products and Rising Applications in Clothing and Medical Industries to Drive Global Wearable Electronics Market

The market for wearable electronics, a market boasting of electronic devices that can be worn – as clothes, accessories, footwear, or any other possible way – is appealing today’s consumers with interesting new products that are widening the boundaries of the digital world and its integration with the real world. While wearable electronics may not have become ubiquitous as of yet, the future of the market does look promising.

With a steady influx of products such as digital smart-wristwatches launched by technology giants such as Apple and Samsung, to active music instrument clothing, to running shoes with sensors that can wirelessly communicate with the users smartphone or music player as the user runs, the market is already filled with several examples of how interesting and appealing electronics that can be worn get.

Increased Demand for Wearable Electronics in Clothing and Medical Applications
Clothing and medical applications are undeniably two of the most promising platforms for the future of embedded communication and intelligence. The reach of smart clothing is expected to be far more extensive and far-reaching than just enriching the areas of fashion and coolness. Futurists estimate that smart clothes will be able to entertain us, connect us with others, and will also contain health monitors that will directly integrate a user’s data with the larger medical ecosystem. The world of active and interactive clothing will gain a boost from the rapid advances being seen in the areas of material sciences and cloud connectivity. The ability of weaving electronic sensors, which has already been demonstrated by developers, is another development that will change clothing from passive to active, smart systems.

In the medical field, fitness/health monitoring electronics is one of the most sought-after fields of application of wearable electronics. Applications like blood-sugar monitoring devices, blood pressure watches, or shoes with inbuilt pedometers that can eliminate the need for carrying a separate device, are getting to the point where, with the help of wireless connectivity, one can get online access to health records and even health related alerts according to the data gathered.

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Global Wearable Electronics Market: Dynamics
The rising demand for such, and many other types of products, is the key driving force of the global wearable electronics market. As the world becomes more and more digitized and the concept of Internet-of-Things becomes a reality, the demand for wearable electronic gadgets with advanced features and increased level of interactivity will continue to rise.

As the consumer interest is rising in the field, many new companies, along with many technological giants are experimenting with their products in the market. Some of the key businesses operating in this highly attractive and progressive field of electronics include Apple Inc., Xiaomi Technology Co. Ltd., LG Electronics Inc., Fitbit, Inc., Sony Corporation, Epson America, Adidas Group, Google, and Samsung Electronics Ltd.

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