Innovative Technology Of Music Tourism Market in Global Industry 2019

ResearchMoz presents professional and in-depth study of “Key Trends in Arts and Music Tourism: Insight into the key trends in arts and music tourism, the profile of arts and music travelers, and what the future holds for the industry”.


GlobalDatas “Key Trends in Arts and Music Tourism”, report analyses the arts and music tourism segment, including a discussion on the types of consumers preferring arts and music trips, what the future holds for the industry, as well as a deep dive into key trends in this tourism segment.

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Arts and music tourism refers to trips in which the exploration of local art and music scenery plays a central role to the overall travel experience. A common reason people travel is to explore and engage in cultural and creative activities happening in a certain place, activities such as concerts, art festivals, painting classes, art exhibitions, and photography. More and more people put emphasis on experiences, and going on a trip for experiential reasons has been on the rise in recent years. The increasing desire to experiment, together with a boom in technology has created a perfect environment for arts and music tourism to flourish globally.


– Trends such as folk music and traditional dance tours, festivals and concerts, photography tours, and artistic and creative lessons are expected to remain highly influential within arts and music tourism.
– Regions that wish to use arts and music tourism must examine if they have any related history that they can subsequently incorporate within their tourism offerings.
– Tourism companies must collaborate with governments and other important bodies in order to promote and offer creative, authentic, and memorable experiences and products, in order to attract visitors.

Reasons to buy

– This report provides readers with insight into arts and music tourism, a rapidly growing segment within the travel industry.
– An increasing number of people put emphasis on experiences, and going on a trip for experiential reasons has been on the rise in recent years. Thanks to this, arts and music tourism is expected to boom in the future.
– Given that the strong growth of this sector will continue in the future, capitalizing on this highly valuable market should be a goal for tourism industry players.

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Table of Contents

What is Arts and Music Tourism?
Arts and Music Tourism as a Means of Economic Development
Insight into Arts and Music Travelers
Trends in Arts and Music Tourism
Trends in Arts and Music Tourism: Case Studies
What is the Way Forward?

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