Instagram & Facebook to Remove Accounts Promoting Vaccine Hoaxes

Instagram & Facebook to Remove Accounts Promoting Vaccine Hoaxes

Research reports failed to establish connection between vaccine and autism. As a result, Facebook and Instagram have decided to remove the fake information about vaccines from their platforms. The social media companies have decided to take necessary preventive actions against such accounts. The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention in the U.S. will identify the accounts spreading hoaxes about vaccines. Moreover, World Health Organization will also support the cause.

Facebook decided to take firm stand against such misinformation spread on the social media platform. They are working on ranking down such pages that indulge in advertising information that misguides audience. Moreover, these pages will not be suggested in the search result. This will reduce the curiosity of the users to click on the page links and read the content. Similarly, on Instagram, the result will not show in the explore tab when searched with a hashtag.

Instead misguiding, the user deserves to get appropriate information on our social media platform, stated the VP of Global Policy Management, Facebook, Monika Bickert. Rather, more reliable information should show up in the top searches.

Both Platforms an Easy Source to Promote Vaccine Controversies

There is no second thought about the popularity of both the social media platforms, Instagram and Facebook. As a result, advertisers find it as a fertile ground to popularize their fake vaccines. Monika also confirmed about deleting or disabling the pages or accounts which keep violating the policies even after warnings.

The company also is planning to provide some educative content to its users and account bearers. Due to the large user base, we want to provide people with additional informative content so that they can decide on reading it, says Monika Bickert.

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