The attributes that are carrying forward the greenhouse intelligent market are the trend for indoor farming which is changing because of change in the preference of consumers, the rise in the need of food because of the heavily growing population, the rules set by the government that favour this market along with the incentives offered. In the traditional greenhouse horticulture, soil was used as the base for every plant because it was readily available and incurred low costs of infrastructure and because of this, most of the greenhouses throughout the globe are following this method.

Green houses that are not hydroponic make use of soil in base form for growing plants. The right study of the soil has to be carried out for determining the type of plants that can be grown in the soil based non hydroponic greenhouses which also leads to an increased production in the soil based greenhouses.

HVAC and LED Grow Lights Used Extensively for Controlled Environment in Intelligent Greenhouses

In order to maintain a suitable temperature in a controlled environment, the use of an HVAC system is made. HVAC are very important in the greenhouse as they maintain a specific temperature that is necessary for the growth of plants and also help prevent any negative effects of change in the external temperature as well as help by making cultivation possible the entire year, thereby offering a better environment for the growth of plants as well as minimising operational costs. Both technologies have a significant part to play in this market.

LED grow lights act as alternative lights whereas HVAC offers facilities like ventilation, lighting, as well as cooling and heating for providing the right nutrition for the plants. Plus, LED grow lights are the best choice because of the way they are designed, cooler and directional emissions of lights and because their light spectrums can be adjusted and also as LED grow light can function for around 30,000 to 50,000 hours and also use relatively less energy. Because of these reasons both HVAC technology as well as LED grow lights are predicted to account for the largest size of the greenhouse market based on technology.

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Europe to Emerge as Leading Regional Market for Intelligent Greenhouse

Europe is always at the top in making use of up-to-date technologies in the greenhouse horticulture. Even regions like Spain, Italy and Netherlands have many areas that are under the greenhouse cultivation. CEA has been vastly successful in the Scandinavian countries as well as Netherlands where in the winter’s, growth is almost unachievable.

Of late there has been a heavy rise in the population of Europe and regions are bringing in vegetables as well as fruits from Asia and Africa in frozen condition. Indoor horticulture has begun to get heavy acceptance in some of the major countries in this region for the purpose of obtaining new and fresh fruits and vegetables from locally cultivated farms. This reason is expected to be an attribute that can create heavy demands for controlled environment agriculture in the years to come.