The state of Iowa is already placed at the second position when it comes to harnessing wind energy in the United States, trailing only behind Texas in terms of total wind energy generation, and now have decided increment their focus on solar power in order to stay in front of green energy bandwagon in the country.

Iowa’s wind energy supply chain employs more than 9,000 individuals and produces enough energy from wind to feed power to nearly two million homes in the state, but on last Wednesday, Governor Kim Reynolds revealed his intention to give impetus to solar economy against the backdrop of Ideal Energy, which is a 30-employee strong Fairfield-based company that was founded by Navy vetern Troy Van Beek in 2009. Currently, the state ranks third from bottom among all fifty states of the U.S., managing solar power only for 5,700 families and businesses.

Government Lays Down Plan for Future

In order to build a next generation solar power industry in the state, Iowa will have to chunk out a budget of several billion dollars. For that, the government has put out a few plans, such as eliminate barriers to customer access, allow all Iowans an access to the benefits of solar energy, and create a target and achieve it. It has been decided that the house owners and business enterprises who take initiative and install solar systems, must be adequately compensated for the value of power they export to the electric grid.

It must be noted that nearly a tenth of total jobs created in the U.S. were related to solar industry and there is a bandwagon that currently has no foreseeable end. As solar energy is among the cheapest sources energy, rooftop solar energy equipment deployment will further prosper.