As of now, fake news spreading photographs on social media which are untrue are increasingly common. Fake news continues to be a menace and is a recurring problem for media companies to tackle, validate, and authenticate the user-generated content so as to make sure that only the correct version of an event or story gets out to the masses. Last weekend Twitter was flooded with an image of a huge crowd in London demanding that Tommy Robinson be released from the prison, only this image was not real. People in London had not been demanding that the English Defence League leader be released from London. It was simply an old picture of soccer fans who were gathered in Liverpool celebrating a victory thirteen years ago!

A Belgian Media Company, Look Live Media has decided to launch a software which is powered by artificial intelligence, which can source as well as authentic a user-generated image, or footage so as to be able to clearly distinguish between fake and real news online. The idea is that news organizations can put out request for video and then make use of Veriflix, which is the software that is powered by artificial intelligence so as to ensure that it is a real footage and not a fake one. The software makes use of artificial intelligence so as to authenticate the meta data of submissions. Later it checks for the geolocation, footage quality, and time stamps. The software also checks for the videos of relevance, diversity, consistency, enabling the accuracy of every submission and determines if it is a valid reflection of the story or event.