A large number of manufacturers are stepping into the hair accessories market, which is projected to boost the Hair Accessories Market

Hair play  an integral part in enhancing an individual’s appearance. Healthy, shiny, and well groomed hair add to an individual’s aesthetics. Therefore, people take care of their hair, try different hairstyles, and use various accessories to look appealing. Gone are the days when hair accessories were limited to bands and pins. Currently, a broad range of hair accessories that are available in the market, especially for women as they are major consumers of hair accessories.

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Various types of hair accessories for women include headbands, head warmers, hairpins, hair ties, hair combs, hair bows, crowns, butterfly clips, clasps, clutches, small pearls, and ribbon weaves, among others. The offerings in the hair accessories space are further widened by enhancing the accessories with additional decorates such as glitters, beads, flowers, colors, feathers, nets, and stones. For instance, hair clips come in various sizes ranging from small, medium, and large. Hair accessories are embedded with stones, made of different materials such as wood, plastic, and metals and decorated with ribbons, threads, or nets. There are not as many hair accessories in the market for men. However, there exists a considerable few which are mostly meant for men with long hair. Hair accessories for men include headbands, hair elastics, Alice bands, bandanas, and bobby pins, among others. There is a limited scope of enhancing the accessories meant for men. There is growing trend among women to style their hair with additional fancy accessories similar to those of various movie stars or other celebrities. Moreover, increasing number of people are subscribing to beauty advice websites and magazines that update them regarding the latest trends in the beauty & fashion industry.

Growing awareness regarding their appearance is anticipated to be the primary driver of the hair accessories market. A large number of blogs and beauty websites are increasing awareness about recent trends in the fashion industry and a large number of people are subscribing to them. This is anticipated to propel the hair accessories market. A large number of manufacturers are stepping into the hair accessories market, which is projected to boost the hair accessories market. Furthermore, the growing young population which is increasingly becoming trendy is propelling the growth of the market. However, availability of counterfeit and inauthentic products is expected to hamper the market. Growing adoption of hair accessories by individuals to enhance their aesthetics is projected to drive the market.

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