LinkedIn to Launch New Feature – Talent Insights

LinkedIn is best known social media site where people and other organizations keep their public pages and professional profiles updated. The platform mostly used for networking, recruitment and other professional purposes. The platform has racked more than 575 million users and 20 million accounts of companies along with 15 million active jobs.

Under the ownership of Microsoft, the company has started to build other services; the latest is the launch of the new feature named Talent Insights. Talent Insights will be the important part of the LinkedIn’s entry into the business intelligence. This move is aimed at helping corporate executives make informed business decisions.

Talent Insights is also notable for being part of the trend and LinkedIn is launching new features and a number of other services which make it different from other social media networks and more of an IT productivity tool.

The company announced the feature near about year ago and launching it today. The company said the reasons for the gap to get the product right and error free. The testers are using more than 100 Talent insights which is much helping their human resource officers or recruiters. The feature is the same as the earlier products of the company such as Talent Pool and Company Report.

Dan Francis, a senior product manager, and running Talent Insights, said the majority of data has been used to improve the feature. The LinkedIn is the primary source of data and another source is information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The company has been very transparent about this as they are representing the better sample which needs good quality data.

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