Studies done by the University of Southampton is assisting the government of low-income countries by strengthening their ability to facilitate the building and use of population maps, for planning the future and responding to emergencies.

Wordpop at the university, has partnered with nonprofit organization Flowminder Foundation, for forging links with different regions throughout the world for supporting the manufacture of population maps that are detailed as well as demographic datasets that can assist the government of different regions in their efforts of developing fundamental areas like healthcare and housing, infrastructure, and prepare them perfectly for disaster relief.

Knowing the exact population and distribution at local levels is of utmost importance to national planning, and this data is many times absent in regions where no senses has been conducted or the census data is divided, possibly because of either political instability, poverty, or previous wars, for example, the last census held in Somalia was in the year 1985 – 1986.

Such technologies give accurate data and cheap resolutions for regions where conduction of census is not possible. Using analysis of anonymised mobile phone data, it is possible to help disaster relief planning or combating malaria epidemics.