Mahindra & Mahindra, the only Indian carmaker that sells electric cars has plans to expand its offerings in this space. The company plans to roll out three high-performance electric vehicles by 2019-2020. The new cars will offer monumental speeds of 186 kmph, 150 kmph, and 190 kmph to cover distances of 0-100 km in 9, 11, and 8 seconds respectively.

Indian Automotive Industry Faces Stir to Abide by Exclusive Sale of Electric Vehicles by 2030

The announcement from the Indian carmaker is in the backdrop of Indian government’s declaration that only electric vehicles will be sold by 2030. The bold move that has been declared to come into effect by 2030 has dramatically changed the scenario in the automotive industry in the last six months. On part of the government, the key challenge will be to create an electric vehicle ecosystem comprising a robust charging infrastructure.

Mahindra, which is popular for its sports utility vehicles (SUVs) range currently sells four electric vehicles – eVerito (sedan), eAlfa mini (rickshaw), e20 (hatchback), and eSupro (mini-van). Of the three vehicles to be added to Mahindra’s offerings in the next couple of years will be the electric version of KUV100 – the compact SUV from Mahindra.

The two other offerings in the electric vehicle space will be from SUV and crossover segments. Not only this, all SUVs and crossover vehicles from Mahindra in future will have an electric vehicle version.

In the electric vehicle space, speeding up charging is the other aspect that the company is working on. On account of this development, the charging time of 1-1.5 hours is now reduced to 40 minutes.