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Making a Case for Wider Use of Electric Vehicles


The adoption of electric vehicles has been rocketing in recent years. For many, this is a significant step towards the conservation of mother earth and removing polluting vehicles off the road. However, there are a few who are not entirely sure about the overall impact of electric vehicles. There have been some complaints about the carbon emissions these EVs are generating during manufacturing or battery discharge. Nonetheless, many argue that this will quickly fade off if the electric vehicles start consuming green power.

Getting actual emissions data on carbon emissions from an electric vehicle is a bit difficult. The emissions depend upon the type of energy source manufacturer’s use for the production of electric vehicles and batteries. The good news is electric vehicles do help in reducing carbon emissions.

Electric Vehicles are the Way Forward

The boom of electric vehicles will also create more demand for power. Some experts project it to be around 20% or more. This, in turn, may create some challenges for balancing and at times even running the electric power grids. The peak time would during winter when these vehicles would compete with the growing demand for power to maintain temperatures. There are different options for mobility such as buses, trams, or trains that run on hydrogen or green power. Experts believe that such options are more sustainable and beneficial socially as well as environmentally. They add that such traveling methods cut down the overall demand for traveling.

While electric vehicles may not yet be the best possible option, they certainly have an important role to play for the future. With new developments and technologies coming up regularly, the widespread reach of these electric vehicles is inevitable. According to a recent research report by the UK Energy Research Center, electric vehicles can help in cutting down the transport emissions in the UK by nearly 25% by 2050.

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