Mango puree, which is often called as mango pulp, is a smooth and thick product which is processed in such way that the insoluble fibrous parts of the ripe mangoes are broken up. It retains all of the fruit juice and a huge portion of fibrous matter naturally, which is found naturally in the raw fruit. In few industries, the mango puree is pasteurized in order to increase its shelf life. Mango puree is prepared from selected varieties of fully matured mangoes. Selected premium quality mangoes are taken to the controlled ripening chambers, then the fully ripened mangoes are then washed, blanched, pulped, deseeded, centrifuged, homogenized, concentrated when required, thermally processed and aseptically filled maintaining sterility. In terms of consumption and import, the Middle-East region leads the market, followed by the European Union with over 20% of total world imports. The largest user of the mango puree in Europe is the fruit juice industry, but it also has applications in other segments such as ice cream and baby food industry as well.

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Mango puree is derived from fully ripened mangoes, which is a native fruit in most of the regions of the world. People in the developed and developing regions due to lack of time prefer mango puree instead of raw mangoes for different recipes and dessert. Mango puree is mostly used to make juices, nectars, drinks, jams, fruit cheese and various other kinds of beverages. It is also used in puddings, bakery fillings, fruit meals for children and flavors for the food industry, and also to make the ice creams, yogurt, and confectionery items. The mostly sold mango puree product in the market is to the foodservice industry. There are several benefits of mango puree such as it prevents cancer, prevents heart disease, helps lower cholesterol, improves digestion, prevents asthma, improves eye health, regulates blood pressure, improves immunity and many other benefits. It has a high amount of vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, protein and fiber due to which it helps prevents infection in pregnant women and also helps prevent eye problem in newborns. It also enhances skin health due to the presence of carotenoids. Because of these benefits, mango puree market is expected to grow on a higher scale in the forecast period.

Apart from all the benefits, due to the presence of high amount of carbohydrate people who are focusing towards weight loss do not prefer mango puree, which is restraining the mango puree market.

The benefits and uses of mango puree are attracting many fruit puree manufacturers to produce it and distribute it among its customers. Some of the key players in the market are Tree Top Inc, Dohler GmbH, AGRANA Group, Galla Foods, Mother India Farms, Superior Foods, Inc., 7D Mangoes., Varadaraja Foods Private Limited, and others.