A research conducted at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) brings out key reasons behind the neutral gas flow in Plasma. The perpetual flow of neutral gases within plasma occurs as a consequence of interactive collisions between neutral particles and charged particles (ions or electrons). When charged particles collide with a neutral gas, it results in the flow of the neutral gas across the plasma. In other words, this flow of neutral gas can be explained as an air movement that is free of any mechanical movement. This concept is being considered as next-generation technology that could replace mechanically-run fan wings.

Decoding Reasons for Electric Winds in Plasma

In order to decrypt the process of electric wind in plasma, the researchers studied atmospheric pressure plasma. They found two key dynamics viz. streamer propagation and a space charge drift that immediately follows the streamer propagator. The team of researchers claimed that the former had minimal effect on electric wind, but the following space charge drift was the prime cause of the electric wind. Moreover, certain plasmas exhibited a propensity to generate electric winds through electrons, and not through negatively charged ions. A helium jet plasma could generate an electric wind as fast as 4 m/s, which could help in devising a speed control system for electric winds in plasma.

Providing Grounds for Future Research

One of the lead researchers believes that the findings would play a pivotal role in studying the interactions between neutral particles and charged ones. Moreover, the findings will also lay the foundation for further research in the field of fluid-control using plasmas.