Meet the New Mate at Office, Audi my Mate


There is nothing new about thousands of robots working in multinational car factories. Robots have proven to be useful in assembling and welding parts. However, usefulness of virtual robots in office environment is still not a well-known fact. Audi has taken the initiative to develop bots that would do the boring tasks for employees at office workstations.

Due to monotony of the tasks, after a certain point of time, employees become numb and do not pay any attention to them. Audi has come to the rescue for such employees. The renowned German automobile maker wants to release the employees from such boring tasks. If the change comes in place, employees will add complex, and demanding job to their portfolio. This is the reason why Audi is making such virtual robots-colleagues.

Employees Freed up to do Complicated and Challenging Tasks

Audi myMate – that is what the new robot has been named. Audi myMate is going to be the first of its kind robot who will help people do their boring office tasks. However, the virtual officemate needs to complete the pilot stage successfully. . Later on, it started assisting with the booking of capital goods in the system. Until now, four of such robots are working in an office set up. In near future, there will be more of them.

 The procedure of robotic process automation (RPA) initiated last year. Now these robots are doing tasks that would otherwise get people stuck in boring tasks. Freed up employees can now focus more on other challenging tasks such as analysis of recorded data. It is highly likely that people are soon going to work side by side with more such virtual office mates.


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