Meshed Offshore Transmission Grids to be Key for Renewable Power Generation

Meshed Offshore Transmission Grids to be Key for Renewable Power Generation

The development of electricity infrastructure which connects the offshore wind farms and land that will be beneficial financially and environmentally. Offshore wind is important for renewable power generation in Europe. The report by WindEurope, about 20% of the annual EU wind power installation, with three new 154 MW of new capacity connected to the grid in 2017. This was twice of the energy production of 2016.

In order to calculate the full potential of resources, the EU-funded the project called PROMOTION. This project is dedicated for investigation of the benefits of linking offshore wind farms with onshore grids in different countries.

WindEurope’s CEO Giles Dickson mentioned in the press release that efficient North Sea grid would unlock the unconstrained exchange of energy between countries. It can store and pass the energy from places with higher wind resources. He added that meshed offshore grid should not be a goal in itself. Thus, it should be treated as competitive wind generation in the North Sea.

The project PROMOTION was set up to develop and demonstrate the key technologies for wind power and its transmission such as high-voltage direct current (HVDC). This project demonstrates the evolving process of HVDC technology through interconnecting HVDC which offer significant flexibility for transmission system operators (TSOs). Its deployment has lowered due to its high cost of converter technology and lack of knowledge of protection systems.

PROMOTION partners are the major manufacturers of HVDC, TSOs, and several suppliers of wind turbines. Combining new HVDC technologies in the current systems has been considered as instrumental in bringing large-scale renewables into the grid. Hence, these are providing benefits to the European electricity market.

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