Microsoft Trying to Improve Facial Recognition

Microsoft Trying to Improve Facial Recognition

Microsoft Corporation is adopting ethical practices for integrating artificial intelligence-based facial recognition technology in their devices. This helps to lower risks of partial outcomes and ensures the privacy to meet up the regulations imposed by the government.

In December 2018, the company checked on the regulations that the government is looking to impose on facial recognition.

Brad Smith, Microsoft’s President said that the company is trying to set an example of adopting technologies for ensuring safety. The company has planned to adopt the technologies that ensure based on the government-declared policies. The integration of safety systems might boost sales of the AI products for lowering risks of damage.

The concerns over the facial recognition software from enforcement and improve border security is leading to increasing regulations. Numerous studies have proven the poor performance of the devices and mainly with people with darker skin.

However, many researchers including Google and Amazon backed the technology. Smith cleared that Microsoft will not stop providing these technologies for the military and governmental usages. They wanted to ensure the use of technology without external safeguards.

The company rejected some contracts for improving the safety of systems and providing technology for public surveillance. In addition, the company is leading to meet up the policies for protecting the human rights and data security.

China has initiated new guidelines for judging the social behavior, which is leading to change technology interests from Chinese firms. He added that Microsoft is trying to set an example for other companies to recognize their responsibilities otherwise; there will be serious action.

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