Microsoft Urges US Congress to Regulate Facial Recognition Technology

Microsoft Urges US Congress to Regulate Facial Recognition Technology

Various tech companies are harnessing the facial recognition technology to turn time consuming work into quick executions in various fields. However, Microsoft’s chief legal officer, Brad Smith, entreating the government that facial recognition technology should be regulated by them and govern laws that are acceptable in usage. Microsoft, being the first company to raise significant attention about this technology, is considering the potential abuse and societal implication and states that it needs an improved thoughtful strategy.

Smith mentions that the technology has positive assistance like identifying a terrorist or finding a missing child. However, it has negative impacts too, such as neglecting people who have different race, disabilities, color etc. Facial recognition technology could be misused by government to track people’s whereabouts without their realization or few retailers misusing this advancement to extract information about client’s preferences and tastes and share it with other retailers or with government. This limitation of this technology will secure the mass surveillance hampering civil liberties.

In a nation of democratic laws, this technology risks the human rights and privacy of a citizen. Microsoft has rejected demands to establish this technology as it involves compromising human rights. Brad states that the World should have healthy and useful regulations rather than depleted legal standards. Even though this technology can be helpful in recognizing people’s face and helps in uniting but it can be severely misused by public authorities and private companies. It affects the fundamental human rights as freedom of expression and privacy.

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