Mobile Photo Printer Market- Increasing Mobility In Business Operations And For Personal Uses Along With Growing Trend Towards Cloud Printing

Mobile photo printing is basically printing of photos directly from a mobile end device on a printer available in the same network. Initially, after clicking pictures from a mobile phone needed to load firstly on a computer then the computer was being connected to a printer to print those photos and this was a time consuming task. The photo printing task became very feasible with the introduction of mobile photo printer as there is no need to go to the workstation and print the photos while the user is using mobile photo printers from their smartphones. The mobile photo printer uses two methodologies for photo printing. The first methodology includes direct communication between mobile device and printer while the other establishes a communication between mobile device and a computer connected to a printer.

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The primary factor driving the global mobile photo printer market is increasing mobility in business operations and for personal uses along with growing trend towards cloud printing, mobile workforce and field sales. Furthermore, some of the major factors driving the global mobile photo printer market includes increasing demand for advanced tablet and smartphones as well as responsiveness and flexibility offered by mobile devices. Mobile photo printers provides superior features than traditional printers such as it does not use ink cartridge or ribbon to dispose of, it does not produces waste, therefore the eco conscious people are getting attracted to these printers which is fuelling the global mobile photo printer market growth. Mobile photo printers are wireless and provides high degree of efficiency to its end users. Moreover, mobile photo printers are designed for multitasking skills and it improves customer experience and satisfaction as more products and services are becoming commoditized. These significant features are promoting the use of mobile photo printing devices and is expected to fuel the overall market growth at a decent rate during the forecast period. However, there are multiple printing solutions available in the global mobile photo printer market and the mobile photo printers are facing tough competition from these alternate printing solutions. This is one of the factor hampering the growth of global mobile photo printer growth.

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